Forcing compliance is like holding water in your hands: it keeps finding ways of escaping!

Our assurance audits will check your level of compliance with the act and regulations. However, our value is in highlighting opportunities to develop and embed a stronger safety culture to give you more comfort that your people are doing what they should.

Our reports highlight any gaps and recommend practical actions to address the gaps.

“She’ll be right” won’t cut it in the new environment

MCG offers five types of assurance audits:

Due Diligence Review

How do you verify you are meeting your due diligence obligations under the act?

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H&S Management Review

There’s the system, and there is the environment that supports the system. MCG’s assurance review looks at both elements.

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Safety Culture Maturity Assessment

MCG’s safety culture maturity assessment helps to inform the review of the PCBU’s health and safety management system, but can stand alone in its own right.

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Process Audits

Maybe you can confirm you have a health and safety management system, but do you know if it’s being used, consistently? Process audits can help.

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Deep Dive Audits

Deep dive audits provide verification that your workers are following an agreed process to identify hazards and risks and their controls, and are using the controls that are appropriate for the situation.

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