How do you build a business case around improving health and safety?

We often come across health and safety committees that are struggling to make a difference to the health and safety of an organisation. Senior management are keen to support the committee’s endeavours, but find themselves approving expenditure on initiatives that seem nice to have with no real evidence that the initiative is addressing a critical risk.

Meanwhile, the Board is largely in the dark about whether the PCBU has allocated appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety, as required under their third due diligence obligation.

Our people can help your people to improve health and safety in your organisation.

MCG - Health and Safety Assistance

H&S Strategy

Following an assurance audit, we can develop a health and safety strategy for your organisation, supported by a detailed work plan.

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Bespoke Business Processes

If you are lacking the capacity or capability to design and implement key business processes, MCG has the skills and experience to tailor business processes especially for you.

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H&S Basics

If you need help to get started, we can develop a meaningful hazard register, appropriate controls and workable business processes that your team can follow to keep themselves and others safe.

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Independent Investigations

MCG can either undertake an independent investigation for you or review your internal investigation into significant incidents to provide assurance that the root causes have been properly identified.

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Virtual H&S Support

Our virtual health and safety support package gives you access to the collective wisdom of our health and safety consultants – whenever you need it.

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