Who’s responsible for what?

Do you understand what the broadened duties and obligations are under the new Health & Safety at Work Act? Under the new Act, the PCBU has a duty of care to anyone the organisation causes to carry out work for it, whether they be an employee or the employee of someone contracted to do work.

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Health and safety and a national culture change

Many people seem to be greeting the new health and safety legislation as a temporary aberration. The thought is that the government will wake up and see how much additional cost H&S compliance is imposing on the economy, and then wind it back. In the meantime and until that happens, businesses could ignore the issue.

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The Health and Safety Reforms: Ticking more boxes, or an opportunity to create value?

The health and safety reforms are a hot topic of debate. There are concerns that this is another shift toward a "nanny state". At the very least, it could become an onerous compliance burden for both large and small organisations – the latter which are well-represented in the high-risk construction, adventure tourism or forestry sectors.

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