QR codes as asbestos warning labels

Do you get alarmed when you see an asbestos warning sign?  It can be confronting to think there are asbestos-containing materials under your feet, for example. In general, if asbestos is in good condition and isn’t disturbed, it is not a risk.  But it’s a different story if someone starts [...]

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Planning on refurbishing your building?

Before you start, ask yourself these key questions: Was the building built prior to 2000? Can you confirm it does not contain asbestos? Can you verify your contractors know how to recognise, safely handle and control asbestos? If the answer to the first question is no, proceed as normal. But [...]

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Managing contractors

New Zealand has a time-honoured tradition of contracting out "non-core" business. But under the Health and Safety at Work Act, you can't transfer your duty of care to another person: You are still obliged to ensure your contractors, their sub-contractors and their respective staff are competent to safely carry out work on your behalf.

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Worker engagement

The underlying intent of the Health and Safety at Work Act is for everyone to have an opportunity to be notified, and to notify each other, of risks to their health and safety, in order for everyone to be safe and well at the end of the working day.

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