MCG can provide assurance that your indoor environment is safe to work and live in.

We all want to know that the place we occupy, whether it be the workplace or home, is safe.

Our services include:

  • Methamphetamine investigations
  • Mould investigations, including identifying the source of leaks as far as reasonably practicable using thermal imaging
  • Testing for lead-based paints and other heavy metals
  • Indoor air quality monitoring for volatile organic compounds

If you work in a particularly dusty environment, we can conduct personal exposure monitoring to check for inhalable and respirable dust, e.g. silica and heavy metals, using monitors attached to your person.

Sick building syndrome can be a symptom of poor indoor air quality.
If you are concerned you or your team have a building-related illness, call us on 0800 44 00 70

Some things you don’t want to take home.

You can expect quality advice on suitable actions to remediate identified issues based on an assessment of the risk, and straight forward reports that clearly and succinctly explain the issue, risk and recommended actions.

All our technical reports and remedial plans are peer reviewed as part of our quality management system.