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Corona Virus in the community

Well, aren’t we on a roller coaster! This pandemic certainly is testing from the perspectives of public health, mental health and the economic effects. Things are changing, virtually by the hour, as the whole world attempts to slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus, so our health system doesn’t [...]

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Asbestos management plans for the workplace

We’ve noticed some confusion about whether PCBUs need to identify asbestos in the workplace or whether they have until 4 April 2018 to identify it. If your workplace was built before 1 January 2000, you have until 4 April 2018 to put an asbestos management plan (AMP) in place.  We [...]

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Planning on refurbishing your building?

Before you start, ask yourself these key questions: Was the building built prior to 2000? Can you confirm it does not contain asbestos? Can you verify your contractors know how to recognise, safely handle and control asbestos? If the answer to the first question is no, proceed as normal. But [...]

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Asbestos – the new frontier

New Zealand embraced the use of asbestos for decades. It was included in so many products that it can be found on the roof, in the ceiling, on the walls and floors, and around pipes – in fact, pretty well everywhere in residential and commercial buildings alike.

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Do you feel safe?

Are you confident that your organisation's H&S systems will keep your people safe and protect you from strict liability when the new Health & Safety at Work Act comes into force? The new Act broadens your duty of care to encompass anyone who may be harmed by work that you cause to be carried out.

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Assuring your H&S systems are working

You'll be aware by now that the legislative environment is changing with the introduction of the Health & Safety at Work Act on 4th April this year. Are you prepared? Do you know what is required to meet your obligations? As a duty holder, you must have a clear understanding of what is required.

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Is your H&S system sitting in a cupboard?

Downloading or otherwise acquiring a health and safety policy is no assurance that you have an "effective" health and safety system. To embed effective systems and procedures into your organisation, it's critical to take into account the people you are working with. For example, literacy issues, custom and practice, and how people define risk.

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Health and safety and a national culture change

Many people seem to be greeting the new health and safety legislation as a temporary aberration. The thought is that the government will wake up and see how much additional cost H&S compliance is imposing on the economy, and then wind it back. In the meantime and until that happens, businesses could ignore the issue.

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