Anyone who does work involving asbestos must be trained according to the Approved Code of Practice for the Management and Removal of Asbestos (ACOP).  This includes cable guys, building washers, mechanics, chippies, sparkies and plumbers, and anyone else who runs the risk of disturbing asbestos while working in a building or on machinery built prior to 2000.

“PCBUs who commission, do work involving asbestos or allow such work to happen without ensuring the workers are trained are at risk of serious fines.”

If you do unlicensed work involving asbestos, this workshop is for you

We deliver practical and interactive workshops for workers who are captured under the definition of permitted work involving asbestos, i.e. maintenance and servicing work.  You can expect:

  • ✓ Real world examples of what asbestos looks like and where you’re likely to find asbestos
  • ✓ Practise in getting suited and booted
  • ✓ Practise using a respirator
  • ✓ Practise getting decontaminated
  • ✓ Practise getting asbestos waste safely bagged

If you have duties under the asbestos management plan, this workshop is for you

We also deliver Asbestos Awareness training to people with responsibilities in the Asbestos Management Plan.  You’ll learn:

  • ✓ The difference between a material risk score and a priority risk score and how to assess the risk when considering an appropriate management strategy
  • ✓ The requirements on PCBUs commissioning work involving asbestos or asbestos-related work
  • ✓ The requirements and options for air monitoring
  • ✓ Labelling protocols and options
  • ✓ Ways to verify the risks are being managed.

Property and facilities managers highly value our courses because they come away knowing what “good” looks like and are more confident that they are equipped to manage their clients’ risks.

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