Health and safety should come naturally to people, right? But here in New Zealand, we pride ourselves on our “just do it” approach to life and celebrate the occasions when we’ve managed to dodge a bullet while carrying out a task in a way that’s inherently unsafe. It makes us who we are.

We at Major Consulting Group get that.  But we also understand the law of unintended consequences.

Did you know you need a licence to launder asbestos-contaminated clothing?

No-one has applied for one. And yet so many people will take contaminated clothing home, give everyone a hug and expect the clothes to be washed along with the rest of the family’s washing.

The problem with that is that you will have contaminated your home and put your family at risk.

We bring you experience and practical solutions for managing your risks.

The Health and Safety at Work Act provides an opportunity to redefine leadership in this country. The challenge is to engage your people to come on a new journey, to change our culture in a way that doesn’t lose our Kiwi spirit, but keeps us safer and much healthier.

Our People

Our skilful team are passionate about making a difference. After all, we have families, too. Talk to MCG about how our people, systems, processes and training can make it easier to manage your health and safety risks.

We work collegially, drawing on our collective knowledge and experience to come up with practical solutions to often unique circumstances.

Our environment attracts skilful people, professional but with personality!  Each member of the team is committed to:

  • ✓    Leading and inspiring each other
  • ✓    Continuous learning and personal growth
  • ✓    Fostering long-term relationships.

If you’re keen to advance your career, call Shelley on 027 478 3553 to have a confidential chat.