Health and safety management system review

Health and safety management system review - forklift drivers in warehouse
There’s the system, and there is the environment that supports the system. MCG’s assurance review looks at both elements, including an assessment of the organisation’s safety culture.

MCG’s assessment framework is consistent with the AS/NZS4801 Occupational Safety and Health Management System standard, upon which ACC built its Workplace Safety Management Practices accreditation framework. However, importantly, MCG’s framework takes a wider view, to assess your legislative compliance.

We combine a desktop review with boots on the ground to understand how well your system is working in practice.

Following our reviews, our clients report a better appreciation of what the Act means for them in a practical sense, having regard for their organisation’s unique business model. Officers can clearly see the risks and any gaps in their system. Our practical recommendations assist to move the organisation forward on their safety journey.

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