Asbestos surveys and management plans

All asbestos is bad! It is a known carcinogen. The new asbestos regulations aim to protect all workers and families from an illness that is estimated to cost up to 200 lives in New Zealand each year.

Did you know that every building built before 1 January 2000 must be assumed to have asbestos?

Did you know that the PCBU must not allow anyone to be exposed to asbestos, unless they comply with the stringent requirements of the asbestos regulations?

If you are doing any demolition or renovations that could disturb asbestos, you must get the area tested before you allow anyone to start work. Failure to do so exposes the PCBU and officers to significant fines.

If you own or manage a commercial property, you had until 4 April 2018 to put in place an asbestos management plan for your workplace and make it available to anyone working on your premises, whether it is the contracted electrician or plumber or a tenant.

Until then, if you cannot produce a plan, your tradies will be required to assume asbestos is present and take the required precautions, including securing the work area with barriers and signage, and wearing disposable overalls.

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If you’re a current client and want to check previous reports or your asbestos register, click here and insert your user name and password:  Asbestos Reports

If you’re planning to clean, encapsulate or remove asbestos, talk to us about our asbestos removal project management services:

  • Confirming your contractor complies with the regulations and ACOP
  • Conducting air monitoring
  • Issuing a clearance certificate.

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